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Indoor Playground


Indoor Gym

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Junior Class

Senior Class

「子どもは環境から吸収し、成長する」と 信じるモンテッソーリの保育室は成長期の子どもに必要な知的刺激がいっぱい。

Art Corner

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The art corner is where all the magic and craft happens, all the art supplies and materials are available for the children to use.

Peace Table


We have prepared a calm place for children to talk through and resolve their difficulties when they quarrel with friends. 

Construction Corner

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This is where children can use their imagination and creativity to build something innovative.

Children's Kitchen


In addition to cooking basics, the Children's Kitchen provides a wealth of practical lessons, from reading and writing recipes and instructions to counting, measuring, dividing, and estimating. The kitchen is a much more effective for learning than sitting at your desk, and much more fun and practical.

Children's Bathroom

The children's bathrooms are bright and clean. They provide a spot children are excited to go and make potty training easy and fun.

Our Kitchen

A healthy and tasty homemade lunch supports children's growth, when eaten daily. We use freshly-polished Japanese rice and a rich array of delicious ingredients to prepare meals and snacks that are not only healthy but also educate children about nutrition. In this way, we provide the foundation for good eating habits and the nourishment for a long and healthy life.

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