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Ms Ain

Junior Class


Graduated from Seed Institute (Singapore) with an Advanced Certificate in early childhood. 


My name is Ms Ain. I am the English Teacher for the Junior Class. My birthday is on the 1st of June. I am a mother of two daughters. I love buffets and steamboats as they offer all kinds of food. I enjoy a bit of karaoke in my free time. I also love exploring, camping and going on adventures with my kids. Being a teacher was initially not my dream job, I initially wanted to be in the police force. However when I gave birth to my first born, I became intrigued and interested in the work that teachers do, the thought of taking care of my daughter and educating her made me decide that being a kindergarten teacher is what I wanted to do. I had no experience at first- so I studied while working in a child care as an assistant. Through studying and experience, it has become my passion. 

Ms Hu

Junior Class


Hello! I am Hu Lao Shi. I am the Chinese teacher for the Junior Class. I enjoy being a Kindergarten teacher, looking at a child's smile is the antidote to my worries- when I see them smile, my worries fade away. I wish for all my students to grow up healthy and smart, seeing them grow and develop make it so fulfilling for me as a teacher. I hope that the future will be filled with many days in the company of these amazing kids. 

Ms Teh

Junior Class


Graduated from KE Academy (Malaysia) with a Diploma in Early Childhood. 


My name is Teh Lao Shi, I am the Junior Class’ Chinese teacher. My birthday is on the 11th of May. My favourite food is Japanese food. My favourite sport is swimming. I love spending time with my family. I wanted to be a teacher because I enjoy spending my time with children. Seeing their innocence makes me forget my troubles. Being able to contribute to the growth of the students, watching them grow to be sensible and smart is my greatest joy in becoming a teacher. I hope that I can pass on the things my teachers taught me to the next generation. 

Ms Chiaki

Junior Class

Ms Chan

Senior Class


Graduated from KE Academy (Malaysia) with a Diploma in Early Childhood. 


Hello! My name is Chan Lao Shi, I am the Chinese teacher of the Senior classes. I am currently learning the ukulele and the violin. I enjoy eating Chinese food- my favourite Chinese food is hotpot. I also enjoy getting active and playing badminton with my friends and family. To relax, I watch movies. My favourite places to visit when on holiday include Taiwan, Korea and also Japan. I feel like it was fate that I get to teach the children here, I love seeing their innocent smiles and seeing their happiness makes me feel a sense of warmth and happiness. I had enrolled in an early childhood education department by chance, hoping to pass on the knowledge that I learned to the children. Now I am working as a chinese teacher at Arts Junior Montessori. Seeing my children grow up day by day, staying healthy, becoming smarter and knowing how to help those in need around them, I feel very fulfilled. 

Ms Mareen

Senior Class


Graduated from Pangasinan State University (Philippines) with a Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Pre Elementary. 


My name is Ms Mareen, I am an English teacher of the Senior classes here in Arts Junior Montessori, my birthday is on the 17th of August. My hobbies include reading books and surfing the internet for new knowledge and entertainment. I love Filipino food as it reminds me of home, I particularly love home-cooked food. I also enjoy travelling- the destination does not matter, as long as it is a relaxing trip. I have chosen this field as most of my relatives are teachers- a family of teachers. I also love children. Being a preschool teacher allows me to create entertainment but also engage with and be creative with the children. I am an only child and did not have anyone to play with when I was young, therefore it brings me joy to communicate, interact and be in the company of the children here at Arts Junior Montessori.

Ms Renzy

Senior Class


Graduated from Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University (Philippines) with a Bachelor of Elementary Education. 

Completed the Early Childhood in Education Australia. 


Good day parents! My name is Ms Renzy S. Ortiz and I am an English teacher of the Senior Classes in school. I have been teaching K1 and K2 students for 5 years in the Philippines- my home country, before coming over here to teach. I like travelling and long walks on the beach. I am also fond of watching basketball games and I love to drink coffee. I like wearing dark colours but bright colours like blue and green are the most visually appealing to me. Being here in Singapore is a life changing experience for me- it serves as an avenue for me to expand my practice in my profession and to teach children of many different cultures and races. I see Singapore as a welcoming place for me to teach and share with the children. I am looking forward to meeting you all and working with you collaboratively. Let us work together for the growth and development of your children. 

Ms Pavi

My name is Ms Pavithira, my birthday is on the 31st of October! My comfort food is seafood and I love to drink coffee. I am also a fan of singers who sing romantic songs, sometimes I sing in my free time. During the holidays, I travel to Malaysia where I drive, cook and relax. I am currently an assistant teacher and am studying and working towards becoming a full fledged teacher. The opportunity to teach is something that I truly cherish and makes my parents proud. When I am with the children, I feel so happy as I witness their growth and because of that I truly want to be a part of their development and their journey. 

Uncle Fred
Uncle Liew
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